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[IP] more on pump selections

HI everyone....been catching up on some news here and there...and once again 
I find you discussing the pros and cons of each pump./...At one point y'all 
were talking about disconnecting and missing basal at which point  Faith 

> Ah!  But with the animas and h-tron there wouldn't have been a 
> need to disconnect and miss any of it at all.

I beg to differ...as usual...there are certain , shall we define them as 
ADULT ACTIVITIES, that I prefer to be disconnected for...heh heh heh..and 
that said, there truly is almost nothing as nice as taking a shower without 
anythign ATTACHED to you...even if it IS waterproof.

Personally, I think the best pump is the one your health insurance allows you 
to have.

the only comparison you really need to do is life WITH a pump versus life 

Sara Smarty Pants
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