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Re: [IP] Mimicking Square/Dual Wave Boluses on a Diestronic

Just wanted to mention that I have programmed my Dis H for this and it works 
well for me.  I have 24 basal rates available so I program it manually and 
write myself a note to remember to change it back for the next day's rates.

Cheryl K.
Pumping since 9/95
<< >In a message dated 1/7/2001 10:58:10 AM Mountain Standard Time,
 >email @ redacted writes:
 >> The math says a square wave would have been
 >>  appropriate but just as MM's are not waterproof, my D doesn't have a 
 >>  wave (and I'm not trusting my ability to wake up to doing it manually!
 >I don't know the specifics, but I thought I'd seen a couple of posts from
 >folks who mimic these "fancy" boluses by doing temporary basal adjustments .
 >. . I'd sure appreciate hearing from anybody who does this . . .
 It is possible to mimic square waves by changing the basal rates but the
 catch is that one must remember to reset the basal rates after the square
 wave is done!  Otherwise you know what would happen in 24 hours!
 Darrin Parker
 Nova Scotia, Canada! >>
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