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Re: [IP] Drinking regular pop not deadly

Jim S. wrote to Curtis:
> >Explain to me how this would be deadly.  Yes, the BGs would be very high.
> >Yes, there would be contributions to future complications.  But there would
> >not be Ketones.  There would not be danger.
> >Again, as long as there is enough insulin for normal metabolic activity
> >there will not be any danger.  High blood sugars, yes, but no danger.
> You are making the assumption that there would not be Ketones....hi BGs
> themselves (how long?) can cause Ketones and dehydration....

If there is sufficient insulin available for normal BASELINE metabolic
activity, BGs can be QUITE high and there will be no ketosis. Even with
dehydration, there will be no ketosis UNTIL the beta cells start to fail
from glucotoxicity.

That's why Type 2's are ketosis-resistant, even with BGs in the 500 -
1000 range.  
Even in Type 2 coma, they usually don't have enough ketones for it to be
keto-acidosis, as would be expected in a Type 1. 

> And what if there isn't enough insulin for normal metabolic activity...  (I
> had a pump problem -  occlusion didn't work and was physically empty in a
> non-transparent pump)  The timing was such that I wasn't aware of a problem
> until the DKA vomiting started....

If there ISN'T enough insulin for normal metabolic activity, then, of
course, as a Type 1, you would go into ketosis quite rapidly, especially
after the honeymoon is over, and if not caught soon enough it would
certainly turn into ketoacidosis. 
And of course, this is a major concern for Type 1 pumpers, if there
should be a problem with the pump. Just exactly as you discovered (I'm
glad you're still alive!!!!  :)  ) But the reason is lack of insulin,
not hyperglycemia.
> >If you were out hiking along a trail and came upon a nearly unconscious
> >person with a D bracelet on.  What would you do?
> Yes it's more likely that they were low......and if they were in DKA?......
> what would a regular coke do....

If someone were already stuporous from DKA, they are ALREADY in a
life-threatening situation, and a regular coke would NOT be the factor
that killed them. It's very possible that this person might die no
matter WHAT you did. 
YOU would have gone into DKA whether or not you had a regular coke. But
I would rather have an ignorant person hiking the trail assume it's a
low rather than DKA, because if the diabetic doesn't come out of the low
in a few minutes, then he or she needs emergency care anyway. 

So I'm gonna agree with Curtis on this one -- a regular coke can cause
highs, and symptoms, but it's NOT going to kill a Type 1 as long as
they're getting their basal insulin.
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