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[IP] responsibility

In response to Curtis's email about which parents use the list, (mostly
female) - my husband gets mad at me for spending time reading and
responding to the IP list - I read it at work (1 day a week) when I eat
lunch, and at night when the kids are in bed, or late at night when I've
tested Adam and he's high/low so I want to test again to be sure he's all
right in an hour or so.  I don't think he realizes how much I need the
support, and the forum to ask people when we are having problems that we
can't quite figure out. He has no intest in participating.
My husband does do some of the care of Adam (5) but generally only when I
ask - "could you please test him, change his site, get his snack, tell him
what the snack is." You would think after 3 years of D and 1 year on the
pump that he would know how the 24/7 sometimes wears me out, and offer -
hey - let me do everything for him today! I would value that more than
anything!  Sometimes he is a "couch slug" and will spend 2 hours on the
weekend or at night lying on the couch and dozing - drives me crazy!
I realize he does work hard at his own business, but he's not the only
man/woman out there that does, and he has a child with "special needs".  I
don't mean to be "husband-bashing" but...
I think it is wonderful that you participate on the list, Curtis, and I
always read your emails with great interest.
Linda, mom to Adam, 5, D 3 years, pumping almost 1 year!
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