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[IP] no delivery and rapid (long)

I have been using a 10mm  rapid for the last three days, in my arm, for a
change in pace.  It was doing great, sugars have been too perfect, so I knew
something would go kibosh.  At 445 AM this morning, I woke up with a high
bg. 291 and had been rising all night, no bolus would bring it down.  and I
didn't eat a high fat meal for dinner, so it wasn't that.  I ran the tests,
checks lines, checked site as best I could, and still nothing.  So at 5AM I
am sitting in bathrobe at kitchen table trying to get my act together to
change sites.  Took a shot of 2 units humalog, to bring me down to at least
91-ish, which I knew it wouldn't.  Then checked bg again, up to 393.  Yuk.
So got new site in, in butt area, with my normal sof sets, and bolussed to
get me down.  Meanwhile been feeling sick to stomach.  I do this when bgs go
high, just an awful feeling, so I was drinking diet caffeine free Pepsi too,
needed the coldness of it.
Anyhoo, arm is very sore where rapid was, and wonder if it could have given
me the no delivery due to me laying on arm and it got the needle stuck with
something inside arm??  Sorry so long, but confused on this one, this is
only the 2nd ND alarm I have ever gotten, in my year and half of pumping.
And only the 2nd rapid I have used, as first one stabbed me so hard I almost
fainted when I tied my shoes!  :)
Lori A. Willey
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