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In a message dated 01/08/2001 2:07:16 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
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> i work in a nursing home.  the way they deal with diabetes absolutely 
> astounds me. i'm talking about type ones and type twos. i have to restrain 
> myself from getting in verbal arguments with the dietician, the nurses, 
> doctors, all the time!  they are all on diets, get special desserts... 
> don't test often, are high all the time!  and the doctors think it's 
> absolutely crazy to even think of a pump as an option. they often say "it's 
> fine for you since you're young, but not for the folks here."  HOGWASH! 
> Hi Faith I worked in a nursing home for 4 & half months thats all it took 
for me. Those Dcts seem to think they have no more life in them,in some cases 
I tend to agree, but in others that is absolutly not true. I belive it 
depends on the individual, And if the family wants to spend that kind of 
money. Most of the time when a elderly person is placed into a nursing home 
there is a agreement drawn up, between the family and facility. If the money 
isnt there the facility will not cover it. Also Doctors play a big roll in 
these types of situations.Its there decision. Its sad but true. Im with you I 
think it stinks that our elderly people are treated this way. You know in 3rd 
world countries they take care of the elder themselves. They do not have 
nursing homes there. I feel the people of the USA have it easy just placing 
their parent in care homes. Dont get me wrong I understand supporting a 
family and all but you can take care of your parent & get paid for doing it. 
But I guess some people cant handle it or its just toooo much for them, Even 
to stressful ( even though their parents raised them up and took care of them 
all of their life ) OK Ill get off my soap box about that. Again I agree with 

TTYL Krysta
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