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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #770 ( start pumping the 16th)


Wonder how many pumpers relatively close to you (SF bay area or ?) ?

Close to the coast and redwoods?  If you threw a "pumpers weekend", you 
might get enough experience in a weekend to help out your current 
doctor.  <grin>

Jim S.
email @ redacted

At 04:22 PM 1/8/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi....everyone its Krysta here, I start pumping soon and Im kinda nervous
>because the dct. I go to now has no clue about the pump. So Ive decided to
>get another dct. But I feel kinda bad cause she is the one who got me the
>pump. But at the same time she is not really there when I need her. I guess I
>feel a sence of loyalty or something,or maybe I need to get over myself and
>call it good. With all the probs Ive had sence becoming diabetic Im
>apprehensive to be at the hands of a dct who knows nothing about the pump. I
>live in the sticks of Humboldt Co. The dcts are just to far behind the rest
>of CA. Dont get me wrong not all are but the ones Ive managed to be seen by.
>SOOO Im on the great dct hunt LOL I know of one right now so Im going to give
>him a try first. ( Ive had major bad dealings with male dcts up here ) I know
>that sounds terrible but oooh so very true. OH well out with the old in with
>the new hey
>TTYL Krysta
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