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Re: [IP] Krispy Kreme donuts

> >I know one of the IPers mentioned that he found some of the carb information
> >wasn't accurate as far as he could tell with the kind he eats.  He found that
> >most of them were around 35g CHO, not the 23 as they say in the 'nutritional'
> >info for some of them.
> I don't know about Krispy Kreme in particular, but I find that this
> is common with nutritional information. I suspect that this is
> because the "serving size" that's tested and analyzed to determine
> the nutri- tional info doesn't necessarily match the serving that
> you actually get. The size of donuts varies, after all. It could be
> that Krispy Kreme picked out smallish donuts to use as the basis for
> the nutrtional info it supplies.
You must be very careful about this. In general, we've found that the 
carb info is accurate for the serving size listed, but usually the 
particular servings are larger or smaller than listed on the package. 
If you make it a rule to measure everything by weight or volume, you 
will usually not have a problem and you will improve your ability to 
estimate by looking at serving sizes.

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