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Re: [IP] Insulin to carb ratio


To figure the insulin to carb ratio, you divide 500 by the total
  daily dose of insulin. 

This is definitely a YMMV thing, as in my daughters case.  With her, the
formula would have her ratio at 1:35 (500 divided by 14 = 35)  She actually
uses a 1:13 ratio (about to be 1:11)in the morning and a 1:20 ratio the rest
of the day except a late evening snack which would be 1:23.  Rather
confusing sometimes, but the way things have to be.  This would make her
seem rather insulin resistant considering she only weighs 50 pounds, but her
total insulin intake is around 14 units a day, but 1 unit will drop her
about 200 points.  Food just seems to hit her stronger than the insulin so
she takes more than someone her size normally would when eating, but is
rather sensitive to insulin when not eating...make sense?

Also, I am back after a short absence in which I once again developed
pneumonia, along with bronchitis, laryngitis and a nasty throat infection. 
But the most stunning news, I have asthma.  Seems as I get older, everytime
I get a simple cold it develops quickly into a wheezing nasty mess.  So now
I have a new set of medical crap including an inhaler and nebulizer.  For
those of you out there that have asthma, is the jittery.... like you are on
speed feeling you get after using the inhaler ever going to go away??????

And to go back on topic....a little boy in Jessica's class was diagnosed
over the holidays.  He wasn't feeling well so the parents took him to the
pediatrician who checked his urine.  Took one look at the stick and sent him
to the ER.  Nurse came to Triage him but his blood sugar wouldn't read on
their meter...just said HI so they sent it to the lab for a quick reading. 
Came back at 885 yet he was walking and talking.  Amazing kid.  He's out of
the hospital but not back at school yet.  Jessica has taken charge and
brought books to him and asked the teacher that he be moved next to her so
she can "keep an eye on him".  Parents are still rather overwhelmed and have
been driving the 2 hours to Houston everyday to go to classes.  

Well it's nice to be back, even if I still have laryngitis...kids are happy
I can't yell at them!

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 1/2 years & Jarred,

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