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[IP] Nutrition Information (was Krispy Kreme donuts)

>Apparently, the Powers That Be (the feds) tell *them* what the 
>serving size has to be.  Even if it's not a realistic serving size.  4oz, 
>I believe it was.  I can't find the email right now.  I did too much 
>"housecleaning" recently and deleted a lot of emails I didn't intend 
>to delete.
>So they really have no control over what their serving size is.

As I understand it, there's a good reason for this. Food companies
were coming up with really unrealistic serving sizes in an attempt
to make foods look lower-calorie and lower-fat than they actually
were. Thus, a package of chips that looks like a single-serving size
might be calculated as 2 3/4 servings, or something like that. The
FDA forced them to label things more realistically. I think that
was when they started putting serving sizes in multiple terms --
say weight *and* volume, or weight and fraction of total, or

It's not surprising that the companies that make the products blame 
the FDA for any problems, but I'm not sure that the FDA is the
culprit here.

/Janet L.

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