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[IP] Insulin to Carb Ratio

I think we are making this insulin to carb ratio way too hard.  If your pump
is set for .1 increments - then you just add up the total carbs you are
eating, divide by 15 and use that number for your bolus.  Such as 62 divided
by 15 equals 4.13 so just round to 4.1 for your bolus.  If you switch to a 1
to 12 carb ratio or a 1 to 10 carb ratio just do the same thing - add up your
carbs, divide by 12 or 10, whichever ratio you are using, and use that number
for your bolus.  I have only been on my pump for two weeks tomorrow.  Before
the pump I was on a 1 to 15 ratio and would just round everything, add it up
and go to the nearest unit.  Now with the pump it is so easy to be exact I
just carry a small calculator with my meter so I can take advantage of the
feature of the pump to give the bolus in tenths of a unit.  I am loving my
pump but find that even on the best days it is just easier to use the
calculator to divide by 15 to make sure I get the right number.  For breakfast
I use a 1 to 10 ratio and even on bad days I can do that one in my head!!!
Good luck on your new pump!
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