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Re: [IP] Krispy Kreme donuts

On 8 Jan 2001, at 20:03, email @ redacted wrote:

> It could be that Krispy Kreme 
> picked out smallish donuts to use as the basis for the nutrtional info 
> it supplies.

I've been nagging various food companies and franchise restaurants 
for carb counts on their menu items for quite awhile.  If they don't 
have the nutritional data available, they give me some kind of 
nonsense reply.

Chevy's restaurant had the gall to suggest that I ask a waiter for 
advice/guidance towards low-fat foods (I very specifically told them I 
was looking for CARB counts, not FAT content).  

ha!  as if I'm going to let a just-graduated high schooler give me 
nutritional advice!  good lord.

It's also really bugged me that some foods are listed in amounts 
that are ridiculous.  For example, Tombstone's sausage & 
pepperoni thin crust pizza lists serving size as 1/5 of the pizza.  I 
wrote and defied them to show me one person who could possibly 
cut a pizza into 1/5ths EASILY.  They, of course, sent me back a 
pointless, canned, nonsense reply.

Then I wrote to Albertson's (grocery store chain) complaining about 
the same thing with their store brand pumpkin pie.  They contacted 
their supplier and I finally got a real answer.

Apparently, the Powers That Be (the feds) tell *them* what the 
serving size has to be.  Even if it's not a realistic serving size.  4oz, 
I believe it was.  I can't find the email right now.  I did too much 
"housecleaning" recently and deleted a lot of emails I didn't intend 
to delete.

So they really have no control over what their serving size is.

I made sure the FDA heard about my complaints on this.  Told 
them I didn't appreciate having to always carry a calculator with me 
so that I could recalculate everything so that I could get my insulin 
dose correct.
> P.S. The above should not be construed as a criticism of the
> Krispy Kreme corporation, the International Donut Lobby, The 
> Snack Food Promotion Society, the FDA, the CIA, Linda Chavez, 
> or *any* pump company. Just my opinion. YMMV.

 :-D  My reply should absolutely be considered a complaint about 
the FDA.  And a big compliment to Albertson's grocery stores for 
their very good-natured cooperation and effort to find the real 
answer for me.
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