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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #770 ( start pumping the 16th)

Hi....everyone its Krysta here, I start pumping soon and Im kinda nervous 
because the dct. I go to now has no clue about the pump. So Ive decided to 
get another dct. But I feel kinda bad cause she is the one who got me the 
pump. But at the same time she is not really there when I need her. I guess I 
feel a sence of loyalty or something,or maybe I need to get over myself and 
call it good. With all the probs Ive had sence becoming diabetic Im 
apprehensive to be at the hands of a dct who knows nothing about the pump. I 
live in the sticks of Humboldt Co. The dcts are just to far behind the rest 
of CA. Dont get me wrong not all are but the ones Ive managed to be seen by. 
SOOO Im on the great dct hunt LOL I know of one right now so Im going to give 
him a try first. ( Ive had major bad dealings with male dcts up here ) I know 
that sounds terrible but oooh so very true. OH well out with the old in with 
the new hey

TTYL Krysta
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