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Re: [IP] Krispy Kreme donuts

>I know one of the IPers mentioned that he found some of the carb information
>wasn't accurate as far as he could tell with the kind he eats.  He found that
>most of them were around 35g CHO, not the 23 as they say in the 'nutritional'
>info for some of them.

I don't know about Krispy Kreme in particular, but I find that this is 
common with nutritional information. I suspect that this is because
the "serving size" that's tested and analyzed to determine the nutri-
tional info doesn't necessarily match the serving that you actually get. 
The size of donuts varies, after all. It could be that Krispy Kreme 
picked out smallish donuts to use as the basis for the nutrtional info 
it supplies.

In fact, my experience is that it frequently turns out (with both
packaged foods and other snack foods sold in stores and restaurants)
that the *actual* serving is somewhat larger than the given serving 
size.  Not to point any fingers, but I think that most corporations 
don't want their food to look high-fat or high-calorie, so they tend 
to analyze the low end of the possible serving sizes, and give the 
nutritional info for that. They may also be more worried about the 
possibility of overestimating the contents of a package than under-
estimating it. I'm not sure what the law says, but if a package is 
marked 12 oz. and there's only 11 oz. of food in it, they could 
probably get sued; whereas if there's 13 oz. who's going to complain?
(Except ME!)

I'm probably grumpier about this than I need to be; but when I
find inaccurate nutrtional info, I get irritated. This is not just a game
for us!

/Janet L.

P.S. The above should not be construed as a criticism of the
Krispy Kreme corporation, the International Donut Lobby, The 
Snack Food Promotion Society, the FDA, the CIA, Linda Chavez, 
or *any* pump company. Just my opinion. YMMV.

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