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Re: [IP] Tabagganing

    My two pumpers love snow sports and since we live in the Great Northeast, 
we spend alot of time in it !! My two generally stick their pump in a heavy 
sock and drop it inside their shirt. (usually they are dressed with a turtle 
neck tucked in at the bottom so it stays inside and warm).  My teens are 
rough in the snow and we've found that the pump survives better inside their 
shirt cuz then its also protected by several shirts and a heavy coat. As far 
as eating and bolusing, they usually just reach under  their sweatshirts 
until they find the turtleneck. Then they just bolus right thru the sock and 
shirt. (they have Distronic H-tron+ pumps, so they just "count the beeps").
Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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