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In a message dated 1/7/01 10:46:26 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> i work in a nursing home.  the way they deal with diabetes absolutely 
> astounds me. i'm talking about type ones and type twos. i have to restrain 
> myself from getting in verbal arguments with the dietician, the nurses, 
> doctors, all the time!  they are all on diets, get special desserts... 
> don't test often, are high all the time!  and the doctors think it's 
> absolutely crazy to even think of a pump as an option. they often say "it's 
> fine for you since you're young, but not for the folks here."  HOGWASH! 

that is really sad to hear.  Golly.
Hmmmmm, I wonder if it would be possible to set up a thing like they do for 
the school kids, the 406 or whatever it is called and the nursing home would 
have to follow it legally, just like schools do for the kids.   It makes a 
difference that those dr's don't think good control is important though.

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