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[IP] Re: ready to Pump (Debbie)

Way to go Debbie:  Glad to hear that you and your son are pre-pumpers.  It is
the most exciting thing for everyone let me tell you. Keep reading all these
posts and asking as many questions as you can.  No one ever makes you think
your inquiries are foolish and you can get some really great tips here!

We are in Manitoba and do not have coverage for Pump at all, but we do for
supplies, thank God!  How will it be for you in Hamilton?  Is your son's Endo
all for it?  Any other kids pumping where you are?

My son is 4.5 and started pumping on September 5, 2000.  We too ran into major
problems with N insulin and even worse with Ultralente...This IS the answer I
have to say.  The Humalog Lispro in the pump is so predictable.  Our highs or
lows are always attributed to site errors, bubbles in the tubing I haven't
caught, and inaccurate carb counts.  Growth Spurts play a major rols as well
as you will find out about, but with the pump they can be controlled right
away.  Being able to correct a high instantly is amazing.

Our A1C was 8.3 pre-pump (this low only due to major Hypos) and after 2 months
of pumping it was 7.5! We had never even seen a 7 in the 3 years of being

So rest assured your decision is a good one.  Take care and hope to see more
of you on the List!!

Shelly Tyler
Bretton's Mom in Altona, Manitoba
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