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Re: [IP] Re: Darrin not needing to be perfect

It took us at least 6 months to learn the pump basics.  And we still don't 
fully utilize all the features.  Keep posting with problems for the group to 
respond to.  You are doing fine; I mean that sincerely.  It is not easy in 
the beginning.  I sent out an SOS to the group about 2 months into the 
process; and got about 12 really good responses.  I was truly ready to quit.  
My daughter and I were so stressed out.  Now, we both look back and say it is 
worth it.  It is always hard though, being diabetic.  The pump is not magic 
dust.  It is just a more sophisticated management tool.  Even if your A1C 
doesn't go down on the pump, you will probably enjoy a looser, more normal 
lifestyle.  That benefit alone, is an improvement.  Not having the support 
system you deserve is a tragedy.  You owe nothing to no one.  It is about you 
and only you.  
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