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[IP] ready to pump

I've been registered for a month for this newsletter, and I want to thank 
everyone for being so helpful. My son is 11 and we've decided to purchase a 
pump - just going through paperwork right now. I am so ready for this to 
happen, especially after Sunday night. Counted Blake's carbs for supper and 
he took his Humalog, then we had two low readings at 7 and 9 pm. He 
compensated with milk and food, then crashed all night with his NPH dose. I 
now hate NPH with a passion and can see how consistent doses with humalog 
and a pump is the way to go. Last night we both slept like a baby and I want 
that pump! It can't come soon enough! Blake seems to favour the Minimed, 
which is ok with me. I like the waterproof feature of Disetronic, but I'm 
wondering if he might want to disconnect when he swims anyway. We don't swim 
a lot. Thanks again for the great support of this newsletter.

Debbie, mother to Blake, 11 y/o, dxd at 6, Hamilton Ontario
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