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[IP] Re: Darrin not needing to be perfect

Barbara Bradley responds to Darrin

<< Guess what, Darrin....as I have said before, you have
 The learning and adjustment curve varies from individual to
 individual: 6weeks to 6 months. And who is setting you up to
 fail? If I remember correctly, you are the one who set
 yourself up on the pump, anyway. You didn't set yourself up
 to fail. Every experience is a learning experience. There is
 no grade and no punishment, unless you don't learn to manage
 the pump. From what I see here, you have learned a lot from
 the IP group and on your own. Hang in with "Pumping Insulin"
 for the basics, ask here for ideas, opinions, and help, and
 adjust periodically.
Positive and supportive message Barbara.  I DO hear Darrin's pressure though. 
 He's feeling the need to be perfect in order to convince the endo's in Nova 
Scotia to learn about and support pump therapy.  What a pioneer he is and 
what a gift most of have in this country.  Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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