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[IP] Re: A Funny Thing Happened On The way to the OR

Last Friday I was admitted to the hospital for one day surgery, (sono
localization of a breast lump to be followed its removal ).  I went fully
equipped with 2 glucose monitors, strips, batteries for monitors and pump,
extra infusion sets, the whole works. And oh yes,  my Minimed Alarm Card.  I
had been promised full control over my diabetes and my pump by my surgeon
and the hospital personnel had complied: no dextrose in my IV, using only my
own monitors to decide if I needed to bolus if my bg started creeping up
etc.  I had also handed the nurse  a chart with my basal rates, insulin/carb
ratios and how much glucose elevated my bg by how many points, a really
impressive statement of how much I knew about my diabetes control. For the
first time in my 46 years as a diabetic I WAS IN CHARGE and I was proving

As I waited on the stretcher for the elevator to take me to the OR from the
Radiology Room. I heard a beep, and then another.  Something must be wrong
with my pump!  I asked the orderly to make a stop at the next restroom and
to hand me my supplies bag which was neatly tucked under the stretcher.
Mysteriously the beeps had stopped .  I checked out my site, the tubing,
everything was ok.  The Alarm Card  did not indicate any pattern of beeps
similar to the ones I had heard.  I put the pump through a self test. A- ok.
Puzzled, I hopped back on the stretcher and we proceeded to the OR passing
another elevator on the way.  Beep, beeep, beep, beep, the DAMN elevator was
beeping with the exact same sound as my Minimed 507 each time it passed
another floor!

Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years
Pumping 2 1/2 years.
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