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Re: [IP] Insulin to carb ratio

Hey IPers when a newbie, especially a D-mom, is asking questions about 
carb/insulin ratios you need to remember to tell them how you came to using 
the figures you are giving out.  AND if it is a young child, as it is in this 
case, you don't arbitrarily start using a figure just because it is the one 
you-an adult- are using.  The C/I ratios are based on total daily insulin 
usages, including basals and average boluses.  Everyone is basically 
different and no one particular number is going to work for everyone, 
especially children.  That is why when I responded to this particular 
question I did not take up list time/space and responded to her personally 
with all of the mathamatical equations involved so that she can figure out 
what her son's needs are!

  Sorry for the soap box, but if I were a newbie mom I would be terrible 
concerned and confused, after reading some of the responses.

mom to Joshua
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