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[IP] A-51 alarm-24 hour support

I had an interesting event happen today.  I was driving to my sisters house
when my MM 508 started alarming.  I looked down and it read "A-51".  Being
the most unorganized person in the world, I of course, did not have one of
those handy dandy pump alarm cards that explain each alarm and reason for
the alarm.  I have never, in my 7 years of pumping, had an A-51 alarm so I
was not sure what it meant.  Panicking, thinking that it might erase my
basil rates, since I knew I didn't have them written down anywhere (told you
I am unorganized:) I arrived at my sisters house in a matter of minutes and
called the WONDERFUL 1800 NUMBER.  I then realized that the alarm was just
to notify me that I had bolused or primed a large amount of insulin in the
past few minutes.  And it was true because I had primed a total of 20 units
to get one of those pesky air bubbles out of my tube.
I was so happy to call a 1800 number and get an actual person to talk to.  I
did not have to wait for anyone to call me back or get an after hours
recording.  We sometimes complain about the cost of our pumps/supplies but
its well worth it to know that in a time of need, no matter what hour we
might have a problem, we will actually speak to a human being.
BTW, they are sending me a new "alarm card"  and I just finished writing
down my basil rates  :)

Mel and pumpy
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