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Re: [IP] Mimicking Square/Dual Wave Boluses on a Diestronic

> >I don't know the specifics, but I thought I'd seen a couple of posts from
> >folks who mimic these "fancy" boluses by doing temporary basal adjustments .
> >. . I'd sure appreciate hearing from anybody who does this . . .
> >
> Lyndy,
> It is possible to mimic square waves by changing the basal rates but the
> catch is that one must remember to reset the basal rates after the square
> wave is done!  Otherwise you know what would happen in 24 hours!
> Darrin Parker
> Nova Scotia, Canada!

One reason to upgrade to the D-Tron is for this situation. The D-Tron
has temporary basal rates which allow you to do a square wave. Plus on
the D-tron you have the ability for two different basal rate programs.
However as Darren says you can still accomplish this with the H-tron if
you are careful to reset the basal rate back to normal when done.

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