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Re: [IP] Re: fingers for testing

What would be even greater is if you could get a hold of a Freestyle meter 
which allows you to take  blood from other parts of your body; ie; forearms, 
legs, etc, as well as your fingers.  Talk about giving your fingers a rest.  
And right now Therasense is basically giving the meter away for free just for 
the purchase of a box of strips.  My son just got one and he loves it.  As 
others can attest, the amount of blood required for the test is about the 
size of a pin head and there is virtually no pain when done on the arm.  I 
know, I've done it!  Contact Therasense or look up on their web page and 
check it out.  AND their lancet device takes regular lancet needles, no 
special size!

mom to Joshua
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