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[IP] Blood Sugar Sensor

Quoted from the Sun Jan  7, 2001, San Jose Mercury

A team of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientists will be honored Monday 
for having devised a dime-sized implant that could help some 16 million 
people nationwide who have diabetes.

Led by phusicist Stephen Lane, the group of physicists Tom Peyser, Chris 
Darow and Natasha Zaitseva and chemists Joe Satcher and Doug Gary will 
receive the prestigious Bright Light Award from the Department of Energy 
in Washington, D.C.

The tiny sensor constantly monitors a diabetic's glucose levels using 
chemically engineered flourescent molecules. The higher the body's 
glucose level, the more intense the light emissions from the sensor.

The glucose-stimulated molecules in the implant transmit the body's 
"readings" to a wristwatch-like monitoring device on the arm that wold 
alert the patient to the exact amounts of insulin needed to maintain a 
proper glucose level in the body -- the key to managing diabetes.

The device works in conjunction with a pager-sized insulin pump worn 
outside the body, which administers insulin through a plastic tube.


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