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Re:[IP] hi pro/hi fat meal

>>Are these bg's the result of a high fat, high protien

2:00 am:  bg= 70  CHO= 60g  PROTEIN= 27g  FAT= 20g  (Usual
amt of H bolused).

4:00 am:  bg= 110

8:00 am:  bg= 280  !!!!!!!!!!!????????

In addition, are there any stats on just what the percentage
of protien
and/ or fat is needed in a meal to siginficantly delay or
cause delayed
post-meal highs?

...I ate some great deep-fried scallops!<<

If you didn't have symptoms of a low (if you do recognize
them), I wouldn't think you went low between  4 and 8. Did
you eat any carbs with that meal? That one meal is very
close to the recommended fat grams per day for anyone, not
just DM. (I /am not saying you should avoid the meal.)

If you really wanted to establish the food absorption peak
and the Humalog peak, then testing hourly would have
established that for you. Who would want to do that at the
wee hours of the morn, unless you are up all night anyway.

Other variables to consider: your own unique body response
to the carb-protein-fat absorption; does your digestion slow
down during sleep (if you were sleeping), your insulin
absorption rate at his time of day, basal rate changes in
this time frame, presence of a dawn phenomenon.

Sorry, if this is long, but...."it ain't simple". This is
also, a YMMV issue. Trial and error experimenting. At least,
with a pump, you can identify some variables, that if on
MDI, you might not have a clue!

I hope you get some additional responses. I am sure some of
them will be interesting, and might even be helpful. Keep
good records when you have your next "experiment" and
compare the results. Use the same meal (sound like it WAS a
good one) and meal time and starting BG (normal premeal #).

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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