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In a message dated 1/6/01 5:13:16 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Certainly some of our CDMOM/DADs could use their knowledge to help just a
> handful of people. When I go to a nursing home, I want to know where one of
> you is - that's where I want to go. If you're out speaking at a school, I 
> may

When I worked in a nursing home in the early 80's, we did the best we could 
with diabetics with what we had at the time to deal with.
Hopefully they aren't still being run in the same way as far as care for 
diabetics.  I think it would be important that the dr you have while you're 
in the nursing home be familiar with your pump and write orders for 
everything, including a normal diet and testing as much as you need to.  I 
think it would also be good to have a personal advocate set up in case you 
ever can't speak for yourself, who can make sure that your needs are being 
met pumpwise and otherwise.  This can be a family member or if there is no 
family someone else, a friend.   I knew someone with no family who couldn't 
make decisions for herself anymore and a friend of hers was appointed to make 
sure everything was done for her.  I think she was her guardian at that point.
Even if you can still speak to yourself and advocate to check up on things 
for you might be a good idea.  Sometimes individuals weren't listened to in 
the nursing home just because they were patients.  An advocate who could yell 
and doublecheck and make sure things were done the way you want them to be.  
Not necessarily a guardian at that point but a helpful friend or family 
Just some ideas for help in the nursing home areas.
Oh also, when hunting for the nursing home you will pick, interview them 
about their diabetic care standards, if they've ever had a pumper and if they 
follow individual drs orders for diabetics or treat all diabetics the same.

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