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[IP] Re: Finger Testing

I don't use my thumbs or pointer fingers as they always seem to   have sores
on them from dry skin, cold anway.  The system I use is start on your left
hand pinkie for Sunday, left hand ring finger for Monday, middle left hand
finger for Tuesday, middle right hand finger for Wed., right hand ring finger
for Thurs. and right hand pinkie for Friday, and then on Saturday each each
finger one time.  Therefore each finger gets a rest for approximately a six
days each week.  I learned that on this site once and it has worked for me.
Before that I was always using the same 2 or 3 fingers and they were sore.
Now none of my fingers are sore - the reason it seems to work for me is, like
some of you have stated, I can never remember which finger is for today,
hmmmmm, but with this system each time you get ready to poke your finger you
just start at the left hand pinkie and go through the days of the week and you
know which finger is to be used today.  It really doesn't take long but just
becomes a habit.
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