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[IP] It's not the same.

       Dear all, after reading many posts on this board, and 45 years as a 
T1, I've got to make a statement.  Over the years, I have personally 
experienced talking to people about my diabetes many times.  There is always 
someone that that person knows that is diabetic, either T1 or T2.  It could 
be a Grandparent, Aunt, Cousin, friend, etc., etc.  A fellow, insulin 
dependent diabetic, coworker of mine made a very valid point one time.  It's 
not the same!  If YOU are the one that has to treat YOUR diabetes, you are 
the one who has to poke yourself several times per day, to get bloodsugars, 
take injections etc.  You are the one who has to FEEL the pain.  You are the 
one who has to deal with the effects of highs and lows.  The crappy feelings 
you get from these.  The next closest person to the diabetic, be it a parent, 
or spouse, has only a second best idea of what you are feeling.  I know that 
mothers, particularly, worry about their diabetic children, but it's still 
not the same.
       There have been threads on this board, recently, relating to the 
psychological aspects of dealing with insulin dependent diabetes.  No one 
knows what is going on in your head better than you.  After years of 
depression and years of counseling and then finally getting a pump, I have 
been amazed at the change in the way that I feel, both physically and 
psychologically.  I have been amazed at the number of people that know me, 
that have recently seen me, comment on how good I am looking.  I am not that 
good a looking person, but I feel great.  It's all in the attitude.
       If you want to help with a cure, or better treatment of this disease, 
then write a letter to your representatives in DC.  Take a look at the 
American Diabetes Association website and become an advocate.  Are you aware 
that diabetes research dollars amounts to ONLY $316 million per year, whereas 
AIDS research dollars amounts to over $1 BILLION.  It is obvious, to me, that 
DM is not the disease-du-jour.  If everyone on this board wrote just one 
letter, that is over 2800 letters to congress.
       I'm sorry that I have rambled on, I'll get down of my soapbox now.

Brad and Buddy
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