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[IP] Re: All That Knowledge & family

Roxanne wrote: And don't forget to keep your families involved, as they make
the final call
on your treatment in a LTC facility.  Keep them educated on your desires if
you can make the decision by yourself.  If your family wants you to keep your
pump on in a LTC facility, then they can not refuse to accept you as a
resident and MUST learn the carb. counting, pump stuff, etc. >>

Well, I'm like Natalie Sera (with all her ducks in a row). If it weren't for
my hugsband of 40 years, I'd be by myself. I sent 12 BASH booklets and
newspaper articles to mother, father, brother, 1/2 bro, 1/2 sis, aunts, uncle,
cousins - and haven't heard a blamed thing from nary a one. I'm still trying
to figure out a way to get one to my dtr without it being returned. Son hasn't
read his yet. Any time I taught my kids about my care they thought I was
self-centered. I celebrated life and survival 11/4/00 of this diabeasties as
Spot calls it. They can turn their backs and play ostrich. I'll carry on
without the lot of 'em. I'm sorry I upset *their* lifestyle(s). I made my
hugsband promise to not die before me (teehee) because I wouldn't know how I'd
handle life alone.
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