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[IP] pump article from a German publication

Schweiz Med Wochenschr 2000 Dec 2;130(48):1854-61   

[No title available].

[Article in German]

Pfutzner A, Berger S, Spinas G

Institut fur Klinische Forschung und Entwicklung, Mainz (D). email @ redacted

[Medline record in process]

Since the publication of the DCCT results, intensive insulin treatment, 
including continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII), has been 
considered one of the best methods for near-normal insulin delivery. The 
development of new, robust and easily programmable insulin pumps has led to 
readier acceptance of this therapy by physicians and patients. In clinical 
trials, CSII was found to be superior to multiple daily injection regimens in 
many cases. Patients with unsatisfactory glucose control, frequent 
hypoglycaemic events, and otherwise uncontrollable morning rises of blood 
glucose may in particular benefit from insulin pump therapy. Glucose control 
can even be improved in CSII if insulin lispro is used instead of regular 
human insulin, as demonstrated in many clinical investigations. Possible side 
effects of CSII are increased risk of ketoacidosis (e.g. in the case of 
catheter occlusion) and side effects at the infusion site. Since the 
successful development of devices for continuous glucose monitoring, the 
development of closed-loop systems has become more and more the focus of 
current clinical and technological research.

PMID: 11132530, UI: 21019446    
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