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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

> George said:
> >>But with the Minimed, if you missed a tenth unit you could
> bolus to make up.  With the Animas and H-tron you can't
> bolus such a small amount as what you miss with it disconnected.<<

> Not exactly a true statement. (not starting a pump war,
> either...just some facts)
> The Disetronic can be programmed to deliver boluses of  0.1
> unit. The Animas bolus starts at 0.1 unit.

Yes I should clarify!  You are on a .1 u per hr.  basal on the H-tron, 
so you receive .005 units every 3 minutes.  Now I take a shower for 
22 minutes (I love long showers).  I have missed 7 basal injections. 
So that is .035 I can't bolus for!  But who says Diabetes is an 
exact Science?   :>)      Not me!   I'll just bolus 3.5 units and give 
my wife the tiniest piece of that Snickers bar.  ;>)

George Lovelace
Dxed 1964, Pumping 8/13/98
"Disetronic Made Me Whole Again"
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