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[IP] school injection issues

parents please listen up . . .  as a parent who has
been through a very long fight with my kid's schools
system, and has gotten some incredible results after
it was over,  here is what I learned:

each and evey student with diabetes is protected from
discrimination by 3 laws:

1 the Americans with Disabilities Act, this law
prohibits discrimination in public places

2 the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which
gives our kids the right to have a 504 accommodation
plan, any component of your child's diabetes care plan
must be allowed, schools cannot deny kids this plan,
which many try to do hoping that parents will not know

3 IDEA which allows students with diabetes to receive
educational help form the Special Ed dept if their
disease warrants.

Because children have the civil right to a fair and
appropriate education and if any part of your child's 
diabetes care is denied by your school system then you
have a right to file a complaint with the Office of
Civil Rights.  Certainly, denying a child with
diabetes the right to life-saving medication (either
glucagon or insulin) at school is without question a
black and white issue.  The lawyers at Office of Civil
Rights will love this complaint because it is an easy

In '98 my school district (Loudoun Co, VA) denied all
children with diabetes glucagon and insulin at school 
another parent and I first tried to convince our
school board to vote in a glucagon policy after an
administrator announced no more glucagon, that failed,
then we went to our state senator and after 3 months
pushed through state legislation which was good (this
new law required any school with a child with diabetes
to train (for 4 hours!) at least two employees on
completes diabetes care) during the time the law was
making it's way through the legislature we filed
complaints with the OCR and got a tremendous outcome. 
Now our school must train all bus drivers, have a
trained employee on all field trips  and after school
activities, as well as 3 trained employees during the
day for each student.  This plan was implemented for
the whole county and OCR will use the Loudoun
agreeement for other problem counties thorughtout the

I would encourage any parent to call your regional
Office of Civil Rights and first talk to the lawyer
about your situation.  For more information about this
story and a copy of the Loudoun Agreement you can find
it on the ADA website: www.diabetes.org   under

Please, don't take no for an answer!!

Sandi Pope

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