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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

Richard S.:
>> differences in the delivery systems of MiniMed pumps vs the Disetronic
>> models and their implications when using small basal rates.  

>During the day, my basal is .5 units per hour, but during sleep 
>hours it's .1 unit per hour.  It's pretty easy to program both of those 
>into my pump.

Yes. I think what he was asking about, though, was how the way
the basal rate is delivered affects things when the basal rate is
very slow. My understanding is that the Minimed delivers the basal
rate in .1 unit increments, no matter what your basal rate is. So if
it's .1/hr, you get one dose at the top of the hour. The Disetronic and
the Animas deliver the basal rate in 1/20 of the dose (whatever 
that dose is) every 3 minutes. So if you have a very low basal rate,
you get it in very tiny increments indeed.

I have no idea whether this really matters, except for one thing: if
you need to disconnect the pump for some reason, and you have
a very low basal rate programmed, the timing is much more 
important. With the Minimed you could be disconnected for 10 
minutes and miss your whole basal dose for that hour. With the
other two pumps, you'd only miss about 3/20 of the basal dose.
Again, I don't know if this is likely to be much of a problem for most

/Janet Lafler
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