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[IP] Donating blood

Thank you all for your insights on blood donating.I
never realized some states wouldn't allow it.2 years
ago the first thing I wondered when I was dx'd was
(after wondering if I was going to die) was the blood
donating question.My doc said that the American Red
Cross would accept diabetics blood, so I figured it
was a given all over the US.I live in VA,and I've been
donating for 6 months now.In 5 times of trying to
donate,I've never been asked if I'm in good
control-just if I'm an  insulin dependent
diabetic.(must be for at least 2 weeks after being
diagnosid with type 1).Maybe that qualifies as "under
control"?Personally, I'm glad they don't ask because
I'm not.That's also why I wish the A1c would be
lowered with donating.My blood sugar always shoots up
to mid 300's post donating and I get ketonish in
addition with feeling post-donish.That's something
I'll just have to work out.I eat some of the RC food
post-donating,but drink diet drinks or water.
Heidi            (in the process of getting a pump) 

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