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Re: [IP] The Americans With Disabilities Act -- a clarification

Just a quick follow-up, responding to Ginny's comments.

Yes, the quotes are taken out of context. Yes, the media
is often unreliable. I would add that "the media" is not one
entity, and that it's important to consider the source when
evaluating information. The agenda of the Wall Street 
Journal is quite different from the agenda of CNN or The

Since I can't take back the post, let me clarify what I was
trying to say:

1. I realize this is a controversial subject.
2. Here's the information.
3. Here's where I got the information, so that you can 
    judge its reliability.
4. Here's what I think it means.
5. Here's what I did about it.
6. If you agree with me, I suggest you do something similar.

The only part I really regret is #6. What I should have said,
and what I would like to now say is this: please interpret
this information as best you can according to your own 
knowledge and beliefs, and take whatever action you think
is appropriate -- including, of course, no action at all.

/Janet Lafler
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