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[IP] liability claims

Lynn said:
 > Chris & Patti were training the school personnel on the child's
 > needs and when they got to the glucagon part, the district balked
 > stating liability. Chris (and I) feel that it is the school's
 > responsibility to have someone, not necessarily a nurse, on
 > staff who can administer glucagon in the unlikely event the child
 > needs it and that to make the child switch schools is akin to
 > punishment. I told her I'd ask the experts in the trenches.

Ah yes, the old liability gambit, works for every situation ya don't want 
to deal with. Like What kind of liability the kid got sick and ralphed 
lunch on another kids coat, give me a break. This is the most overused 
gambit in America today. The school got sued because the injection site got 
infected, give me a break. Is there no responsibility anyplace in the world 
today. Like if I'm making rounds in the hospital and I witness a cardiac 
arrest in a multi bed room and give external cardiac massage, saving the 
life of the patient and in the process, break a few ribs, what numbskull 
family will sue me, does this make any sense even the judges are not 
against this as a consequence.  this is overused by every government office 
and agency. Like Joan Rivers used to say "GROW UP!" Sheesh!
A Bender, M. D.
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