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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

>You know I am getting a bit concerned about how 
>often I read on this list how someone's endo or CDE 
>influenced a person's decision about which pump to get.  

Actually, I wish that my endo had tried to influence me
more from the beginning.

I originally intended to get a Minimed pump. My endo 
agreed to contact them and get the wheels rolling. Over 
a month later, I hadn't heard anything from the company. 
I started trying to contact them myself. Nothing.

Eventually I just gave up. I have nothing against the 
company, but the local rep appears to be a flake. My 
endo said "we will get you that pump, but I guess we
should have told you that we've had problems with this
rep before."  After some thought, I decided to go for 
the Disetronic instead, and everything went smoothly 
from then on.

In retrospect, I think the H-Tron is the better choice
for me anyway. I wish, though, that my endo had told
me that they'd had problems with the local Minimed 
rep before, because I was on the fence between the 
two pumps, and that would have decided me. And I 
would have had my pump a month earlier. I don't think
there's anything wrong with endos who have experience
with different pump companies relaying that information.
There's a lot you can learn about the pumps that isn't
in the official specs.

The dogma on this list seems to be that all the pumps
are equally good, and that it's just the features that are
different. That may be true, but it isn't *necessarily*
true. If someone who was in a position to know the 
different pumps believed that one pump was objectively 
better than another, I would like them to tell me. I can still 
make the decision for myself.

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