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[IP] The Americans With Disabilities Act

I hestitate to post something that is a) of interest only to US citizens, 
and b) potentially politically loaded. However, I think it's important 
that people on this list know that Linda Chavez, the newly appointed
Secretary of Labor, is on record as having ridiculed the Americans 
With Disabilities Act as "special treatment in the name of accommodating 
the disabled." (This quote is from an AP wire story: it can be found at

As you know, the ADA is the basis of many of the accomodations for
people with diabetes at work and in school. The ADA was passed 
during Bush Sr.'s administration, and I have no reason to believe that
GW Bush plans to try to scale it back in any way. However, if Chavez is 
confirmed as Labor Secretary, she could have an impact on how vigor-
ously the ADA is enforced. (Presumably this would only apply to work-
place enforcement, not school enforcement.)

I have already written to my senators asking them to oppose her con-
firmation. If you feel the same way, you may wish to do the same.

/Janet Lafler
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