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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

You know I am getting a bit concerned about how often I read on this list how 
someone's endo or CDE influenced a person's decision about which pump to get. 
 Our endo, THE BEST ONE IN THE WORLD, for our son was adament about NOT 
influencing us on which pump to get.  At the time we had MM and Dis to choose 
from and even though MM had been around longer our endo was new to BOTH of 
them, or pumping..period!!!  But he clearly stated to me that it was NOT his 
place to decide which pump a family should use.  It is his job to learn as 
much about them, along with us, and support us, the family, no matter what 
our decision is.  To see/hear how these CDEs or endos are swaying their 
patients into using one pump or the other makes me wonder if they are not 
receiving some kind of 'kick-back' fom the company they are preferencing.

  There are THREE very good companies out there, and ALL of their products 
are good!  No one company is better than the other, in my opinion.  I think 
it is WRONG for these professionals to tell their clients that they SHOULD be 
going to one company over the others.  It shows that these professionals are 
not as professional as they may think they are and should probably be doing 
more research into all of the companies so that they have ALL of the 
knowledge needed to safely and ACCURATELY inform their clients.

My opinion, and mine alone!!

mom to Joshua
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