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Re: [IP] All that knowledge/CDE

I don't mean to sound 'snotty' but I may and I want to apologize beforehand.
Here goes...

The credential for a CDE requires that the person be a medical professional
for many reasons...MD, RN, RD, RPh usually...there are things about
metabolism, health, medications, co-diagnoses that many CDMOMs do not.  We
have professional liability insurance, which I do not believe you would be
able to get without have certain professional credentials.

I am a Registered/Licensed Dietitian in the state of Ohio.  Here, the title
of 'dietitian,' 'dietician,' and 'nutritionist,' are protected under our
licensing law.  The duties are also protected, which would include lecturing
on nutrition, etc.  Anyone doing anything regarding nutrition education MUST
be supervised by an RD/LD on they are in violation of the law.

I encourage anyone to go for the credentials as a professional, but it will
be difficult.  First there must be the professional degree.  Then you must
have verifiable teaching of diabetics...something like 2000 hours within a
certain amount of time.  Then you have to take the test.  They do not allow
'personal knowledge' of the disease as proof of knowledge.  Now I know more
about diabetes, nutrition, pumping, etc., than ANY non-diabetic CDE, but am
not allowed to take their test, which I am sure I would pass without and
difficulty.  But those are the rules and I abide them.

Again, I am not 'knocking' he CDMOMs out there...my mother would have
certainly qualified for the CDMOM when I was growing up.  But did want you
all to have it from another professional's point of view.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
DM for 18+ years, pumping for 6 years.

And remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
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