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Re: [IP] Dressing


  My son is very skinny and when we first started on the pump he had a 
terrible time keeping the sites on.  We were averaging 5 sites in 7 days.  It 
got to the point where he opted to quit for a little while to allow his tummy 
(only spot he would use at that time) to heal.  We have since gone back on 
and changed to MM's sof-sets with their serter.  We were using Tenders (same 
as Sils)  He has the Dis H-Tron.  He is also letting me use his hiney and has 
found that he actually likes it there more and we are getting the BEST 
results from those sites too!

  Anyway, getting back to the sites not sticking, we found out about 
Mastisol, a liquid adhesive and it really works for him.  I put a little 
circle on around where the insertion will go, after I use the IV prep wipe, 
allowing partial drying inbetween, and after using Mastisol.  Josh can go 
swimming now or sweat to his heart's content now with absolutely no problems 
of the site peeling, even a little.

  There is also other products:  Skin Tach, Skin Bond, but we found that the 
Mastisol worked best for us.  Ask around and see if you can get some samples. 
 It put Josh back on the pump for good!!!

mom to Joshua
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