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[IP] Re:School district issues

> Lynn said:
> Chris & Patti were training the school personnel on the child's
> needs and when they got to the glucagon part, the district balked
> stating liability. Chris (and I) feel that it is the school's
> responsibility to have someone, not necessarily a nurse,  on
> staff who can administer glucagon in the unlikely event the child
> needs it and that to make the child switch schools is akin to
> punishment.  I told her I'd ask the experts in the trenches.

As a teacher, I find it difficult to understand some of these situations. In
all the schools in which I have ever worked, the health and safety of a
child has always been of the bigger concern.  I have been called to 'before
school' meetings to be briefed on what to do if there is a child with a
certain need.  Example: children who have an allergy to bee stings or
peanuts,etc. can have extreme consequences if not treated with an Epipen,
which is an injection, at the time of sting, ingestion, whatever.  If
teachers are expected to respond to this sort of emergency (and they are),
certainly they can respond to using glucagon in a hypoglycemic episode.

> any of you have any ideas or advice to aid our argument?

You might begin by asking what is their policy on the Epipen.  It is a short
jump from that to glucagon.

Also, I am willing to bet that more education of the educators is what is
needed.  It is more fear than anything that makes anyone back away.  But, in
the philosophy of every school I am sure it is written that the health and
well being of each child in that school is as important as the educational
process, if not moreso!  Living to that philosophy requires a bit of
stretching, using Epipens and glucagon, too.

My secret?  I paid close attention to that Epipen demonstration every time
it was given, had the list of children who may present for that kind of help
but prayed hard that I would not ever have to do it because it frightened

 I haven't had to but know I could if needed.

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