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Re [IP] School district issues

>>The district is trying to switch a young diabetic child
from her
home school to a different school, in the same district. The
reason is that there is not a nurse at the child's home
school. Chris &
Patti were training the school personnel on the child's
needs and when they
got to the glucagon part, the district balked stating

Have you provided the school with your child's individual
treatment plan?

What do they cite as the liability issue? Someone who is in
a severe low BG  requiring Glucagon is much more at risk, if
not treated. Another option is glucose gel rubbed into the
inside of the mouth on the inner cheek. Any adult can learn
how to do it. Turn child on side to prevent aspiration.
Glucagon might cause vomiting, but I haven't heard of
Glucagon being a cause of injury to anyone. There could be
injury from an injection, itself, if given improperly.

Speaking of which, an unconscious person lying on their back
is at risk for either aspiration or an airway blockage. A
child in an insulin seizure is at risk for other injuries,
if seizures continue.

Who on the staff is trained in child CPR? Who on the staff
is trained in basic first aid emergency care, i.e. cuts,
bruises, strains, sprains, fever?

Better to educate the teachers and caregivers to recognize
early signs and symptoms of highs and low and your child can
test BG. Do they have a teacher's aide who can learn to do a
BG test. A meter rep or CDE might be willing to train
whoever. The school should allow snacks if low. Keep a snack
box in the teacher's desk or other location. Better to
prevent lows and deal with the highs at home (unless ketones
are present, in which case, they should call you.) They
should also notify you if a low BG requires assistance from
an adult, (but not for WITHHELD/OMITTED assistance). You
might have your own liability issues for that one.

These may be issues to bring up at a parent/school group
meeting, or at a school board meeting.
You might have to get "political". Some states have laws,
does yours? Talk to state reps, ADA chapter covering your
area, JDF, the newspapers?

Oh, gosh! I'm rambling again. Sorry.

P.S. (Disclaimer) As Randall says....The opinions expressed
here are my own and not those of my employer. Also check
with your endo, as YMMV!.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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