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Re: [IP] All that knowledge

Awwww, Sylvia! Now why would I get mad at you. I'm on your
side. We CDEs can use all the help we can get. Maybe you and
Kerri can start your own "Mom" consulting business. Renee
seems to have one all by herself. (smile, Pump Mum!) And
Ellen @ CamelsRFun" also keeps herself busy. They are on the
East Coast, the two of you are on the West. There must be
someone in Central US to join this austere, dedicated group.
Speak up everywhere. See if AADE will let you join as an
associate member. The worst they can say is NO. Speak in the
schools. When I spoke to a 6th grade class, the recurring
question from the students was, "Can I catch it from (insert
Now, let's see, who else on the IP list can get you started?
JHughey..toastmaster's tips
Sara(URTASEF)...lessons on assertiveness (she won't have
much to do for you ladies, maybe a few tips for overcoming
stage fright))
Ellen...tips on finding references to support what you want
to present, see IP Archives here and her website
Renee...tips of fund raising (sorry, Michael)
IP list members....any parent
Sam (list administrator)... for anecdotes and puns to spice
up your presentations
Me....lots of encouragement (and responses to questions, if
IP med-pro list...medical advisors (RN,RD,CDE,MD, etc.)
Pump manufacturers...literature handouts,etc., reps for
support group meetings
Endo (your child's) or CDE pump trainer

I'll probably think of something else when my mind finally
gets revved up!

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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