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[IP] school district issues

Hi All,
I spoke with Chris, my Brilliant CDE, this morning.  She and Patti (a
fellow pumper, CDE, & RD) are having trouble with our local school
district. The district is trying to switch a young diabetic child from her
home school to a different school, in the same district. The school's
reason is that there is not a nurse at the child's home school. Chris &
Patti were training the school personnel on the child's needs and when they
got to the glucagon part, the district balked stating liability. Chris (and
I) feel that it is the school's responsibility to have someone, not
necessarily a nurse,  on staff who can administer glucagon in the unlikely
event the child needs it and that to make the child switch schools is akin
to punishment.  I told her I'd ask the experts in the trenches. Do any of
you have any ideas or advice to aid our argument?

By the way, Chris's diabetic program has earned recognition from the ADA
and is the ONLY program in the US recognized by the ADA that is in a Family
Practice clinic. After 20 years with the Duluth Family Practice Center, I'm
so spoiled, I knew the clinic and the care I receive are excellent, but I
had no idea it was not standard in other family practice clinics.

Thanks for any help you can give these women in their constant battle to
level the playing field for us! I'll print your responses for them.

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