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Re: [IP] All that knowledge


  I really love reading your messages.  Concerning all of the knowledge we 
moms are getting and wanting to help others.  As Barb and a few others know 
I'm trying to find a way through all of the loop holes to become a CDE so 
that this knowledge I use for my son can also be used for others.  We live in 
a rural are where we have NO CDE's available to us.  But because I don't have 
a bunch of initials behind my name (Barb, now don't you get mad at me!!!) I 
don't 'easily' qualify to become a CDE.  I actually don't 'difficultily' 
qualify either.  Kerri, whose message you quoted, is a dear friend of mine 
and has taught me SOOO much since our children started on the pump last year 
(1999-Dec).  It just seems a shame, like you said, Jan, that all of this 
information can not be utilized now or in the future.  I guess the powers to 
be don't want to recognize what we 'moms' do for a 'living' especially when 
it comes to the care of our D. kids!!!  And Kerri and I went through Dis's 
pump trainer training and still haven't heard after over a month whether we 
passed the test and whether the rep will use us.  Kerri and I were the only 
non-pros there at the training...GO FIGURE!!!!
Jan, if you can come up with a solution to this problems, PLEASE let me 
Thanks girl, and I hope your husband got his truck out of the snow....!!!

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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