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[IP] Re: Responsibility!

No worries.  I was not offended.  I was just in disagreement with the
statement and felt a need to express it.

It would be very hard to cope with handling all of the care of even a non-D
household, let alone what we have.

I am sure the fact of it is, that some men do and some men don't
participate.  I just think that most do.  Now as for those represented on
this list, I would assume that all of them participate.  So, when you
address this list, you are addressing a group of men that all "get it".

I realize that the list is primarily female.  Why is that?  Is it because
women do the childcare and men are couch slugs?  Or. Is it because wives
are given the luxury of time to participate by their husbands.  Both I

I know that I can be here because my wife and I earn enough to allow me to
slack at work without fear or economic disaster if I lose my job.  I also
don't have to out perform my fellow workers to be sure that I do keep this
job, so I can waste some of my efficiency on list time.

Other husbands are not blessed with a wife that could completely support
him if need be and must keep themselves in the position to keep that job or
move up and better support the family.  That is what society demands.

When I told my boss that I would be taking 3 months off to stay home with
my new born, he asked what was wrong with my wife.  Men are not rewarded
for childcare.  They are rewarded by earning money.

Curtis Lomax

PS  Are you the Ramos' that go to Santa  Clara Valley Diabetes Society ?
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