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Re: [IP] Cost of first meter...... and when (prior to 1985)

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email @ redacted writes:

<< Joslin did have two people using them at home..as a pilot program when I 
 there in the mid 70s. >>
        Jim as a patient of DR Elliot Joslin in the 50's I did my fair share 
of testing urine. I like most oldtimers did not trust the new invenciocs. I 
used a blood glucose test strip in a tube. It is like a Ketostix package. I 
still have one. It was color coded like the urine tests were. The colors went 
from pale blue to almost black 800 ml/dl.I would cut the strips in 1/3's to 
get more for the dollar ( you know thight wad Yankee) . I have trouble with 
the year but it was late 70's.I would only take a shot of 2 or 3 units of 
regular if I was 300 or more. Most of the time I would eat less or go play 
street hockey to burn it off. Jan must remember the chemstrip bG as they were 
made in Indianapolis, IN. I also know with me if the urine was clear in color 
I had spilled sugar. If it was dark in color I was in for a blue test. That 
made it OK for a treat or a larger meal.  Roger C ( dx 12/1/47 pm5/8/00 )
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